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We are a UK registered charity committed to foster safe, diverse and inclusive workplaces through helping employees and employers resolve workplace discrimination conflict constructively

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Charity model

What we are working on

We are currently working with leading employment lawyers, businesses and policy makers to develop a charity model that delivers real impact.

We look forward to launch later this year! In the meantime, here’s a preview of what we are working towards. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to contribute!

Financial support

We will provide financial support to defray cost of mediation, independent legal advice and litigation representation to parties to workplace discrimination disputes who are in need

Constructive resolution

We operate under a “conciliation first” principle focusing on resolving workplace discrimination conflict through mediation before litigation - in the interest of both parties

Engage with employers

We work with leading corporates that buy into the business value of diversity and inclusion and are committed to take concrete action to tackle workplace discrimination

Why is it necessary?

Action is needed

Workplace discrimination is prevalent in the UK despite the majority of employers having formal policies on diversity and inclusion. Concrete action and change is needed if we are serious about cultivating safe, diverse and inclusive workplaces

38 %
women in UK have experienced sexual harassment at work
11 %
mothers were fired, made redundant or forced to resign when returning from maternity leave
80 %
employers pay female employees less than male on average

News and updates