By being a LABD supporter you contribute to our work helping employees with their claims under the Equality Act. You will build corporate networks and relationships with like-minded businesses who believe in our cause of giving a voice to harassed employees and help enforce justice and ensuring diversity in business. Please do get in contact with us if you wish to become a LABD supporter.

Jess Phillips, Labour Member of Parliament (MP) and member of The Women and Equalities commitee:
“The barriers to justice for ordinary women and men are huge, it is vanishingly rare that a woman sacked because she was pregnant or had been sexually harassed would ever have the resource or the support to take a case to tribunal. If as a society we want to end a culture of discrimination and abuse in our workplaces we must ensure people are supported with proper legal advice. I am thrilled that Legal Aid for Business Diversity are setting up to change this and I will be working with them to right this wrong.”

Joanna Chatterton, Partner in Employment Law at Fox Williams LLP:
“In our experience the cost of bringing a claim for harassment and other discrimination can deter applicants from pursuing legitimate claims. With no Government Legal Aid available for employment tribunal claims the support which Legal Aid for Business Diversity can provide may be the only means of achieving access to justice.”

Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP):

Taking an employer, or former employer, to tribunal is not a decision people make lightly. Aside from the emotional toll, legal fees can deter victims from seeking justice. When this results in talented staff leaving organisations, those businesses suffer, as does the wider economy. It’s great to hear that Legal Aid for Business Diversity plan to help reduce the financial burden by providing advice and support so that these important claims can be heard, and employment rights upheld.

The following law firms have agreed to refer potential claimants to LABD: