Our mission

Our Mission

LABD’s mission is to advance workplace inclusion and diversity in England and Wales.

We do this by supporting individuals that seek to enforce their rights under the Equality Act. Specifically, we provide legal aid to help carry to the cost of legal representation and help individuals connect with employment lawyers.

Why is this necessary?

UK employees are protected against workplace discrimination under the Equality Act. But continued prevalence of workplace discrimination (such as widespread sexual harassment) has led to a growing realisation that the Equality Act is not being sufficiently enforced in UK workplaces. This has prompted the Women and Equalities Commission to undertake an official inquiry to understand what more needs to be done to achieve increased compliance.

One factor contributing to the low compliance with the Equality Act is that too many individuals are unable or deterred from exercising their legal rights due to the high costs of legal representation.

This is a real shame since all of us as a society benefit from individuals who are brave enough to stand up against workplace discrimination. They take real action to promote workplace inclusion and diversity, leading the way to better workplaces and they are an inspiration to all of us.

At LABD we are grateful for those who stand up for inclusive workplaces and we stand behind them.