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Citizens Advice

Open for Business

Small Charities Coalition

Virgin Unite

Solicitors Regulation Authority: The Business Case for Diversity, 2018


House of Commons, report on sexual harassment
Published July 2018

Open for Business, report on LGBT+ inclusion from a business perspective
Published 2018

Credit Suisse, report on LGBT+ inclusion from a business perspective
Download here: Credit-suisse-lgbt.pdf
Published april 2016

Credit Suisse, report on women in senior management
Download here: Credit-suisse-women.pdf
Published september 2014

Human Rights Campaign, report on LGBT+ equality in american workplaces
Download here: HRS-US.pdf
Published 2016

BBC – Sexual Harassment in the workplace
Published 2017

TUC – Still just a bit of bander? Sexual harassment in the workplace in 2016
Published 2016

CIPD – Written submission in response to reports from BBC and TUC
Published 2018

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The Personal Injury of Workplace Bullying